Friday, September  21st, Cinema Star St-Exupéry from 9:00am to midday.

So you want to make movies? Each year the Festival offers master classes on cinema skills and professions for students. This year’s class will be presented by film- music journalist Benoit Basirico and composer Nathaniel Mechaly.

Benoit Basirico will discuss the different ways in which music can be associated with images, drawing on seve- ral emblematic films from the history of film-making, from Chaplin, the first talkies to Bruno Coulais, with detours via John Williams’s compositions for Spielberg and those of Ennio Morricone for Sergio Leone. Music can accompany the rhythm and ambiance of a scene or establish a contrast. It also plays a role in scriptwriting, inventing themes and motifs and creating links with cha- racters. Music creates variations in style, from a large orchestra to discreet notes, jazz to symphonies. This session will reveal the power and role of music: without it, films would lose part of their impact and meaning.

In the second part of the session, Benoit Basirico will invite composer Nathaniel Méchaly to discuss his experiences as a film composer, in particular for Agnès Merlet’s fantastic film Dorothy Mills.