Thursday 22th september
9:15a.m to 12p.m at the Vox
Priority to students

“To understand the di erent approaches that have shaped my experience in set design, we will begin this master class with a historical overview of how this activity has developed. We will then look at four aspects in turn: rst steps: learning the trade and the methods; the profession: 10 years of developing skills: on the set: organising and managing the di erent stages of a lm: invention and intuition: becoming an artist, or how to understand reality in order to create dreams.”

Jean Bauer

Jean Bauer, a graduate of the École supérieure des arts dramatiques in Strasbourg, has had an international career in theatre, dance, opera, and cinema, where he has worked with renowned directors such as Agnès Varda, Jean-Luc Godard, Leos Carax, Joyce Buñuel and Boris Bergman.