Sunday, September 20th at 2:00pm at the Star St Exupéry

2:00pm : Master class

4:00pm : Burying the Ex

After getting hooked on It Came from Outer Space, Joe Dante spent much of his childhood in cinemas. Ever since his earliest career with producer Roger Corman, followed by productions directed for television and then on to the heady heights of Hollywood, when Steven Spielberg o ered him the opportunity to direct Gremlins, Joe Dante has been an auteur whose signature is borne by every film he directs.

In this master class, Jean-Baptiste Thoret will question Joe Dante about his career, his in uences and his relationship with the Hollywood studios. A unique opportunity to listen to the anecdotes of a genuine film lover with a reputation for an encyclopaedic knowledge of the cinema. The master class will be followed by a screening of Burying the Ex, Dante’s latest film.