1974 … four young people in a Volkswagen van set out on a camping weekend in the Norwegian forest, listening to 70s hits. After a stopover at a roadside café, where they encounter the hostel local yokels, they nevertheless give a ride to a strange young girl. Her nervousness seems to be a harbinger of things to come. A flat tire forces them off the road at the forest edge, where they are kidnapped and knocked out by hunters. When they awaken, they quickly realise that the grisly sound of the hunting horns resonating through the forest are meant for them. They are the game.

Friday, September 26th, 10:00pm at the Star St-Exupéry
Saturday, September 27th, 4:00pm at the Star St-Exupéry


Country: Norway

Year: 2008

Duration: 1hr 18

Version : Norwegian, with French and English subtitles

Cast & Credits

Director: Patrik Syversen

Producer: Torleif Hauge

Screenplay: Patrik Syversen, Nini Bull Robsham

Cinematography: Havard Byrkjeland

Editing: Veslemoy B. Langvik

Music: Simon Boswell

Special effects: Martin Anderson

Cast: Henriette Bruusgaard, Lasse Valdal, Jorn-Bjorn Fuller Gee, Nini Bull Robsham