le gentil sangohan combat tous les méchants


Round Table – Wednesday 19th September at 7pm at the Shadok

The visually stunning Dragon Ball FighterZ, released in January 2018, is a strong reminder that video games have a shared destiny with the manga, and by extension Japanese animation. The first signs of this coming together consisted in simple adaptations, the most visible of which were combat games, but the influence of anime is just as pronounced in such games as Ni No Kuni, Catherine or Phoenix Wright. From Berserk to Dark Souls or from Pokémon to its anime adaptation, a clear exchange of aesthetic motifs and storylines are taking place between the two media.

To discuss this rich history of the video game, we will be welcoming three guests: Rufio, a YouTuber and member of the NESblog; Bounthavy Suvilay, who is currently writing a thesis on Dragon Ball and is a member of our IGC jury; and Alt236, a passionate pop culture YouTuber.