Lynch / Oz

Alexandre O. Philippe deconstructs works by major filmmakers and takes a look at David Lynch’s obsessions. For decades, Lynch has been exploring the flip side of situations, underlying evil and the hidden perversions of the American way oflife in works such as Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks. This cult of duality and fascination with hidden worlds mainly has its roots in Victor Fleming’s cult film The Wizard of Oz. A number of speakers, filmmakers, authors and journalists will give their interpretation ofLynch’s obsessions, allowing us to look behind the curtain together.



Country : USA

Year : 2022

Running time : 1h48

Version : English, subtitled in French

Director : Alexandre O. Philippe

Producers : Kerry Deignan Roy, David Lawrence, Robert Muratore

Writer : Alexandre O. Philippe

Conversations with John Waters, Rodney Ascher, Karyn Kusama