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For his first feature film, Ryan Prows combines the American thriller and its many protagonists with elements of Mexican folklore. A Mexican wrestler anxious to pay tribute to a mythical father figure casts off the shackles of a sordid organ trafficker. He encounters a number of weird characters, such as a young man just out of prison, who doesn’t seem to realise he has a swastika tattooed on his face.

Lowlife has all the attributes of modern pop culture: it conveys the heritage of Tarantino and makes multiple allusions to iconic modern works, such as Breaking Bad. But, at the same time, Prows crafts his own personal tone, plainly surrealistic.

Sunday, September 17th, at midnight at the Star St-Ex

Monday, September 18th, 10:00pm at the VOX

Sunday, September 24th, 6:00pm at the VOX

Ryan Prows, director, in attendance


Country: USA

Year: 2017

Duration: 1hr32

Version: English and Spanish, with French subtitles

Rating: 16+

Cast & Credits

Director: Ryan Prows

Producers: Narineh Hacopian, Derek Bishé, Tim Cairo

Screenplay: Tim Cairo, Jake Gibson, Shaye Ogbonna and more

Cinematography: Benjamin Kitchens

Editing: Brett W . Bachman, Jarod Shannon

Music: Kreng

Cast: Nicki Micheaux, Mark Burnham, Jon Oswald