World Sales: Reel Suspects

Ian is left alone in life at age 26, incapable of under standing human emotions. He goes to a snowy forest to end his life, where he discovers the lifeless body of a young girl. Her suicide note resonates deeply within him, and he brings her body home and sleeps peacefully by her side, understanding the possibility of love for the first time. Eventually he has to bury her. Hesearches to enjoy lifeless company again, but each time must bury the bodies under the cherry tree. Then he meets Naomi, a suicidal mother who has lost achild.

Based on Keo Oishi’s novel Loving the Dead, Muldowny has succeeded in treating the dark themes of suicide, grief and necrophilia with a lightness of touch, black humour and emotion in this unusual poetic film.


Country: Ireland / Luxembourg / Netherlands / Japan

Date: 2013

Duration: 1hr 34

Version: English with French subtitles

Cast & Credits

Director: Brendan Muldowny

Producer: Conor Barry

Screenplay: Brendan Muldowny

Cinematography: Tom Comerford

Editing: Mairead McIvor

Music: Bart Westerlaken

Cast: Robert de Hog, Pollyanna McIntosh, Amanda Ryan, Emma Eliza Regen