Country : Ireland

Year : 2021

Run time : 1hr40

Version : in English, subtitled in French

Rating : +12

Director : Conor McMahon

Producers: Trisha Flood, Ruth Treacy, Julianne Forde, Michael Lavelle

Scenario: Conor McMahon

Actors: Karl Rice, Mary Murray, Anthony Head

Sales : MPI Media group

Filmography : From the Dark (2014)

Let the Wrong One In

Matt discovers that his older brother Deco has gone from addict to vampire. The clues are clear: he has two marks on his neck, overheats in the sun and wants lots of human blood to drink. A teen who’s faced with a hard choice: to protect his brother, risking his own life and that of his neighbours, or drive a stake through his heart? The intervention of a taxi driver turned new Van Helsing – Anthony Stewart, Buffy’s mentor – is set to complicate this already difficult task.

This Shaun of the Dead horror comedy is full of graphic British swear words and gallons of blood.