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Scientists by day, amateur filmmakers by night, Eric and Troy turn out home-grown genre movies. Journey to Planet X follows the making of Planet X, an ambitious project that Troy hopes will achieve widespread visibility as a serious film. With a Z-movie budget and a lack of skills, Eric and Troy pursue their dream with a devotion and tenacity reminiscent of Ed Wood. At a preview showing, audiences laugh not mockingly but with genuine enthusiasm for a film they take to be camp comedy. Journey is often hilarious, but is ultimately a tribute to two men’s boundless love of filmmaking and faith in their goofy artistic vision.


Country: USA

Date: 2013

Duration: 1hr 16

Version: English, with French subtitles

Cast & Credits

Director: Myles Kane and Josh Koury

Producer: Trisha Barkman

Cinematography: Myles Kane and Josh Koury

Editing: Myles Kane and Josh Koury

Music: Jonah Rapino

Cast: Eric Swain, Troy Bernier, Marianne Bernier, Shawn Martinbrough