Haute tension


Selected filmography

2010  Piranha 3D

2006  The Hills Have Eyes

Two students are studying for their exams at an isolated farm belonging to the parents of one of them. One night a ruthless killer begins slaughtering the entire family.

Impressed by Philippe Nahon in I Stand Alone, Alexandre Aja cast him a slasher who tracks the two young women and repeatedly attacks them, forcing them to fight for their lives.

Nahon’s portrayal of this terrifying rural monster made him a familiar face of French-style horror. His fierce look and imposing stance duly impressed the viewers of this uncompromising feature, which launched the international career of its director.

French-made gore at its best.

Saturday, 19 September, 4pm at the St Ex

Sunday, 20 September, 6pm at the Star

Technical information

Country: France

Year: 2003

Runtime: 1hr33

Language: French


Director: Alexandre Aha

Producers: Alexandre Arcady, Robert Benmussa

Scenario: Alexandre Aja, Grégory Levasseur

Actors: Philippe Nahon, Cécile de France, Maïwenn