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In the Furlong family, the first member of each generation is born with a special power, for better or worse. James, who has already lost his mother, discovers the nature of his power during an accident, which kills off his father and grandmother. Pursued by this mysterious curse, he retreats deep into the forest to keep from harming others. A few year later, Mae-West, a young woman in revolt and afflicted with a supposedly incurable illness, also seeks refuge in the forest, where she stumbles across James. They fall in love, and an unexpected side to James’s destructive power is revealed.

Hideaways combines visual and emotional poetry in this dream-like love story, reminiscent of an olden fairy tale, well and alive in 21st century.

Agnès Merlet, a French filmaker, was born in 1959. She is co-director of Amorce Films, a distributor of documentary, short and medium-length films. Her filmography as a director includes Dorothy Mills (2008), Artemesia (1997) and The Son of the Shark (1993).


Country: France / Irland

Year: 2011

Duration: 1hr 35

Version: English, with French subtitles

Cast & Credits

Director: Agnès Merlet

Producer: Marc Missonnier

Screenplay: Nick Murphy

Cinematography: Tim Fleming

Editing: Sylvie Landra

Music: Eric Neveux

Cast: Harry Treadaway, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Thomas Brodie-Sangster