Hellraiser - Photo


Frank Cotton, a murky character who goes in for carnal pleasures, acquires a weird cube that enables him to experience ecstasy through suffering, but at the cost of his life. When brother Steve and his wife Julia move into his former home, Frank returns from the dead thanks the power of the cube. Just as he begins to regenerate, the terrifying Cenobites, the cube’s keepers, discover Frank’s escape. They’ll stop at nothing to bring him back to their world of suffering, Hellraiser.

Using flashbacks and near subliminal gore, Clive Barker subtly shifts viewers from an adultery drama into a fantastic universe. A landmark film of the 1980s, Barker, a master of the horror novel, adapted Hellraiser from one of his own novels, The Hellbound Heart. An original film tinged with Cenobite sadomasochism, especially that of Pinehead, a legendary personage of horror cinema.


Country: UK

Year: 1988

Runtime: 1hr34

Version: in Eng. subtitled in Fr.

Cast & Credits

Director: Clive Barker

Actors: Doug Bradley, Andrew Robinson, Clare Higgins