Country : Philippines

Year : 2020

Run time : 1hr13

Version : in Tagalog, subtitled in Eng. and Fr.

2D computer, cutouts

Rating : +12

Director : Avid Liongoren

Producers: Manny Angeles, E . Del Mundo, Avid Liongoren

Scenario: Emmanuel Angeles, Paulle Olivenza

Voices: Angelica Panganiban, Robin Padilla, Sam Milby +

Sales :,

Filmography : Saving Sally (2016)

Hayop Ka! The Nimfa Dimaano Story

Nimfa, a perfume saleswoman and a hopeless romantic, is barely making ends meet. She’s also bored in her relationship with Roger, a bird-brained janitor, with a spectacularly endowed penis. Will a passionate encounter with extremely wealthy Inigo change her life?

Director Avid Liongoren proves once again that animation is not just for children. Similar to caustics such as South Park and BoJack Horseman, Hayop Ka! parodies telenovelas and nighttime Filipino radio shows by replacing humans with animals. The result is an explosive cocktail of sex and violence, with a sprinkling of good vibes