Grindhouse Season 2

The Grindhouse film club returns with a dynamite programme of

four featsofstrength double-bill evenings, with plenty of fun and weird things to watch at intermission.

Take a nostalgia trip into the mythic neighbourhood cinemas of the Parisian past, with their steady stream of exploitation films, westerns, sword and sandals and action films, plus a few juicy erotic flicks thrown in.

Relive as well their fun and bizarre intermission acts: live martial-arts demos, dog acts, burlesque and so forth, you get the drift. Even better, movie quizzes and the candy girls are back.

Season 2 hostilities kick off under the peace-loving banner of “knock his block off” on 27 June, with a Bruce Lee-Chuck Morris head bash in The Way of the Dragon, followed by Bloodsport, an apocalyptic combat at the Roman Colosseum.

Click here for more info, including the history of neighbourhood Grindhouse.