For sure, being confined to your home has its share of annoyances and more, but it’s also a perfect opportunity to discover, at long last, those video games that have been waiting around for years in the hidden corners of our libraries.

Released in 2013 and now available on every single console imaginable, Gone Home can be completed in one evening, but it’s such a unique experience that its memory will linger on.

Developed by the American studio Fullbright, staffed mainly by the game designers who previously hatched the cult game Bioschok, Gone Home is an independent video game that puts you in the shoes of Katie, a young woman returning home in the middle of the night after years of studying in Europe.

Alas, her impressive home is now empty, a storm rages outside and she finds herself in a house she no longer recognises. It’s now up to you to discover what could have happened to the Greenbriar family.

At a time when our homes seem more cramped than ever, playing Gone Home will help us to re-enchant them. An intimist and family drama, Gone Home will take you on a nostalgia trip back to the 1990s –cassette players, X-Files VHS and Ouija board. What a great way to rediscover the fun world of videogames!

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