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Feature debut

Barry’s makes life hell for his family with all his addictions. After giving himself yet another fix, he is abducted by a UFO. On his return to Earth, he’s no longer quite himself. He embarks on a psychedelic trip in the company of an alien who discovers the seedy parts of Cape Town inside the body of a drug addict with an already confused mind.

Fried Barry is a wild ride. There is a childlike quality in Gary Green’s dazed performance reminiscent of Nicolas Cage’s excesses and Kruger’s visual and sonic experiments so overwhelm our senses that we can lose our bearings. An extravagant curiosity, with increasingly crazy twists and turns. A very promising first feature film.

Friday, 18 September, 12:15am at the St Ex

Saturday, 19 September, 4pm at the Vox

Sunday, 20 September, 6pm at the UGC

Technical information

Country: South Africa

Year: 2020

Runtime: 1hr39

Language: English, subtitled in French


Director:  Ryan Kruger

Producer: James C. Williamson

Scenario: Ryan Kruguer

Actors: Gary Green, Chanelle de Jager, Bia Hartenstein