season 14

Freak-Out Friday, the Festival’s monthly film club, is back for an exciting 14th season. From February to June, the Festival presents classic horror films and zany 50s and 60s style midnight movies, at Strasbourg’s Star St-Exupéry cinema.


Enjoy Freak-out Friday while the September festival is in preparation.

Les Barbarians 1

Ruggero Deodato

07 june at 10 pm

The Barbarians

Andrew Norris redim

Mark L. Lester

10 may at 10pm

Class 1984


Dark Water

Hideo Nakata

26 April at 10pm


Miracle Mile

Steve de Jarnatt

15 March at 10pm

Hellraiser - Photo


Clive Barker

8 February at 10pm

Toxic Avenger - Photo 3

Toxic Avenger

Lloyd Kaufman & Michael Herz

25 January at 10pm