30 August-16 September
12:00 p.m-8:00 p.m
Aedaen Gallery, 1 rue des Aveugles

We can all picture in our mind’s eye the posters created by Michel Landi for such movies as Once Upon a Time in the West, Duel, Furyo, Duck Soup, Bullit and Pizzaiolo et Mozzarel.

Leafing through copies of the original designs of these posters one by one, we discover highly contemporary collage, painting and drawing work that conveys a strange yet familiar form of poetry that we intimately recognise without actually knowing it.

The exhibition will therefore be showing these two aspects of Landi’s work: on the one hand a series of original film poster designs from the 1960s to the 1990s and on the other, a number of elements of these designs presented as works of art, with the emphasis on the perspicacity of the work of this artist cum graphic designer and typographer.