From 13 to 22 September 2019 - Place St-Thomas

Throughout the Festival, the Village will be replete with out-of-the-ordinary entertainments associated with the world of the fantastic and genre cinema. The programme will include a “tartes flambées of the world” evening organised by migrants, a Star Wars and Avengers cosplay, an introduction to lightsabers, a fantastic blind test, a Frankendoudou cuddly toy workshop, a mashup table, unconventional visits to the Church of St Thomas, bowling tournaments, and many other events to be discovered on the spot.

1. Tartes du monde

Tarte Flambée of the World evening

Monday 16 September, 6-9pm / Refreshment area

The Festival has invited the association Makers for Change to an intercultural evening at the Village. You will have an opportunity to savour a special selection of tartes flambées prepared by victims of forced migration and to enjoy an evening of discussions combined with food that tickles the palate.

Website – Makers for Change

2. St-Thomas

Guided tour - The secrets of the Church of St-Thomas

Wednesday 18 September, 2-4pm and 4-6pm / Church of St Thomas

Come on a wonderful guided tour and discover the Church of St Thomas as you have never seen it before: from the ground floor to the upper storeys, the local pastor will delight you with rare anecdotes on the subject of the church and its history.

Website – Church of St-Thomas

3. St-Quirin

St-Quirin-W.O.O.D Aperitif

Friday 20 September, 6-8.30pm / Free admission – The Marquee

Enjoy an aperitif while finding out about the W.O.O.D Digital Experiences residency and five projects that link together nature and digital technology, the Grand Est Region and Quebec.

Website – Centre de Résidence Numérique à l’Image


The Fantastique Blind Test

Friday 20 September, 9-11pm / The Marquee – Registration on the spot by teams of four

Do Romero’s and Argento’s films no longer hold any secrets for you? That won’t help you at all! Do you know the original soundtracks of The Exorcist and Suspiria? Well, that might be useful. Come and test your knowledge of genre cinema in music, but not only that… A blind test conducted by Julien Boubel, alias Julien du Grognon, with a reward at the end for your success.

5. Sabres laser

Introduction to Light Saber

SATURDAY 21 September / Free – In the Marquee and outside 

Apprentice Jedi and future Padawans, the Force calls you! The Strasbourg Lightsaber Academy will be passing through the Village to pay tribute to the most legendary battles of the Star Wars films. Throughout the afternoon, come and watch lightsaber combats in the various parts of the Village.

Programme of the evening:

– 2-5pm at the Marquee: initiation and demonstration

– 8-9pm outside: demonstration

Website – SUC Escrime

6. Cosplay

Star Wars & Avengers Cosplay

Saturday 21 September, 2-9pm / Roving performance

Sent on a special mission by the Galactic Empire, the 68th Imperial is preparing to disembark a unit of stormtroopers at the Village, led by their commander Darth Vador. Avengers from the Marvel universe will also be present for a cross-tribute to pop culture in all its forms.

Website – 68ème Imperial

7. Tournoi de bowling

Bowling Tournament

On the two weekends of the Festival / Sunday 15 September, Saturday 21 September and Sunday 22 September from 2 to 6pm

Do your friends call you the Dude and is your swing as legendary as that of Jesus in The Big Lebowski? Come and challenge your friends at a three-stage bowling tournament on France’s only outdoor bowling alley. A prize beckons for the winning team.