In the 1960s, the fictional city of Clerville is terrorised by a mysterious and elusive thief. No one knows his identity or his face, only his name: Diabolik. The man behind the mask meets his partner and accomplice, Eva Kant. Adapted from a fumetto, or ltalian comic strip, Diabolik is a cult character, a sort of transgressive Fantomas rooted in the pop world of the 1960s. The Manetti brothers seized upon this to make Diabolik, the first in a series of ambitious films to follow, thus testifying to the good health of popular genre cinema in Italy.



Country : ltaly

Year : 2022

Running time : 2h13

Version : ltalian, subtitled in French

Directors : Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti

Producers : Paolo Del Bracco, Carlo Macchitella

Writers : Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti, Michelangelo La Neve

Actors : Luca Marinelli, Miriam Leone, Valerio Mastandrea