Country : Taïwan

Year : 2022

Running time : 1h43

Version : Tawainese Hokkien, subtitled in French

Director : Chris Huang Wen-Chang

Voices : Huang Wen-Tze, Chiang Tzu-Hsiang, Chen Sz-Shian

Producer : Huang Liang-Hsun

Writers : Chris Huang Wen-Chang, He Yuan-Yu

Demigod: The Legend Begins

Since the dawn of time, teddy bears and unicorns have been waging a bloody war in the heart of the Magic Forest. Pacifist teddy-bear Tubby, who prefers food and cuddles to acts of barbarism, finds himselfunwillingly thrust onto the battlefield to exterminate the confounded unicorns once and for all. Sex, drugs and rock’n’gore are the common threads running through this Bambi on acid set in the world of Apocalypse Now. Comic-book author and adult animation director Alberto Vazquez blows up teddy bears and unicorns galore for our immense viewing pleasur