Dario Argento is a rare example of a great lmmaker who moved from a world of words, where he worked as a script writer for Sergio Leone, to a world of images. Ever since his very first films, the Italian filmmaker has demonstrated a voracious appetite for gloved assassins, the baroque and the reinvention of on-screen death.

Combining the inspirational ideas of Mario Bava, Alfred Hitchcock and Michelangelo Antonioni, Argento came to represent the giallo, a new subgenre of crime cinema. From pure detective movies like his animal trilogy, to fantastic lms such as the sublime Suspiria, he quickly gained a reputation beyond the borders of Italy.

Since the 1970s, the director of Deep Red and initiator of a work that was both graphic and romantic, has contributed to further developing and de ning horror cinema. And if the hallmark of a great filmmaker is to possess a style recognisable in a few shots, then the title ts the maestro Argento to a T.