Country : USA

Year : 2020

Run time : 1hr09

Version : in English, subtitled in French

Rating : +12

Director : Tyler Russell

Producers: Travis Ayers, Tyler Russell, Andy Silverman

Scenario: Tyler Russell, Andy Silverman

Actors: Greg Sestoro, Jason Douglas, Eva Habermann

Sales : Travis Ayers

Filmography : Texas Cotton (2018)


There is a constant coming and going of patients in the waiting rooms of a 1960s hospital. They suffer from cysts and protuberances that discharge a pus-filled liquid. A doctor has developed a machine to operate on them, but instead, it creates a grotesque monster that attacks the hospital staff.

Tyler Russell daringly ventures into organic body horror, the kind that makes cinemas erupt, scream with laughter and wince with disgust. In today’s time of smooth, sanitised special effects, Russel steps back to 1980s exploitation cinema and the lavish extravagances of a Frank Henenlotter.