French distribution: Damned Films

World Sales: Coproduction Office

David’s a pill-fuelled ad man. He lives with Juliette but desires Sophie. Using reality-enhancing software, he fabricates her avatar for fun, but is soon emotionally and sexually dependent on it. As real sex and tech sex blur, he becomes increasingly anxious and detached from reality. Creative Control is about people with little control, in a future that is just around the corner. Dickinson points a warning nger at our growing reliance on artificial means to fulfil our emotional needs, whether through computer- engineered reality or trendy yoga Nirvanas. Creative Control is set in the pampered world of bobo-chic Brooklyn, but its dystopian message reaches far beyond.

Sunday, September 18th, 8:00pm at the UGC

Wednesday, September 21st, 6:00pm at the Star St-Ex

Sunday, September 25th, 10:00pm at the UGC


Countries: USA

Year: 2015

Duration: 1hr 37min

Version: English, with French subtitles

Rating: 12+

Cast & Credits

Director: Benjamin Dickinson

Producers: Mark De Pace, Zachary Mortensen

Screenplay: Benjamin Dickinson, Micah Bloomberg

Cinematography: Adam Newport-Berra

Editing: Megan Brooks, Andrew Hasse

Music: Drazen Bosnjak

Cast: Benjamin Dickinson, Nora Zehetner, Dan Gill