Connexions – Video games and virtual reality

The 8th video games and virtual reality section has a new name!

Enter the No-Contact Zone, a programme without physical contact that makes digital technology such an excellent response to the pandemic.

Now more than ever, it’s time to reconnect!

Indie Game Contest

The Indie Game Contest (IGC), highlighting the creativity and quality of independent video games, has made an important change in the rules this year. For the first time, games already published from 1 January 2020 onwards may now enter the contest under the same conditions as games in development.

For this exceptional edition, the prize for the best indie game will be awarded by the editorial staff of Canard PC, a monthly magazine dedicated to video-game news. The October issue will publish the complete list of winners with a description of the games. At the Shadok, non-playable demo games will be exhibited on display stands.

The selection unfolds:

A Fold Apart (Lightning Rod Games – Canada)

Chicory: A Colorful Tale (Chicory Team – Canada)

Conscript (Catchweight Studio – Australia)

Exophobia (Zarc Attack – Portugal)

Jet Lancer (Code Wakers – Denmark, Russian Federation)

Ring of Pain (Twice Different & Simon Boxer – Australia)

Rising Hell (Tahoe Games – Indonesia)

Solas (Amicable Animal – UK (Scotland)

Starstruck: Hands of Time (Createdelic LCC – USA)

Trifox (Glowfish Interactive – Belgium)

Tunche (Leap Games – Peru)

VirtuaVerse (Theta Division – Italy, Germany)

Alternative Games

Free yourself from the controller’s diktat!

The Alternative Games section will be exhibiting alternative controller games that provide players with new ways of interacting with video games. Experience games where the player’s gesture is all-important.

In partnership with the Strasbourg-based collective Random Bazar.

The selected games:

Toasterball (Couch Game Crafters – France)

Kick in the Door (Richard « Raxter » Baxter & Ben Rauch – South Africa)

Abstract Pixel Run ! (Gildas Paubert – France)

One Hundred Ghost Stories (Helen Kwok – Australia)

VR Film Corner

Dedicated as always to bringing the best of VR works to the public, this section will present as usual an international selection of new films. From Japanese animation and pure horror to science fiction, these new immersive stories from the four corners of the world once again demonstrate the richly diverse nature of the latest VR experiences.

Selected films:

A Safe Guide to Dying (Dimitris Tsilifonis – USA, Greece)

Ajax All Powerful (Ethan Shaftel – USA, China)

Attack on Daddy (Si-Hup Sung – South Korea)

Fly (Charlotte Mikkelborg – UK, France, Hong Kong)

Great Hoax : The Moon Landing (John Hsu, Marco Lococo – Taiwan, Argentina)

Hominidae (Brian Andrews – USA)

Kaiju Confidential (Ethan Shaftel – USA)

Legends of the Brush : The Answer / Feverland (Sutu – USA)

Lutaw (Samantha Quick – USA, Philippines)

Missing Pictures – Episode 1 : Birds of Prey (Clément Deneux – France, UK, Taiwan)

Mowb (Kazuki Yuhara – Japan)

Odyssey 1.4.9 (François Vautier – France)

The Pantheon of Queer Mythology (Enrique Agudo – Spain)

Saturnism (Mihai Grecu – France, Roumania)


Nine VR: Come See Me (Minhyuk Che – South Korea)

Alone in the same flat, but twenty years apart, two players will meet the other’s ghost. An experiment in collective virtual reality, Nine VR: Come See Me strikes a special chord in view of the months of self-isolation and the virtualisation of social relationships.

nine vr

Augmented Reality Exhibition

Connexions will present a first this year – an augmented-reality exhibition. Digital artist Sutu has curated a collection of illustrations untitled “Prosthetic Reality”. To activate the works on display, you need only download the EyeJack application, available free of charge in your smartphone’s app store.

Welcome to Oktopolis

Connexions will also extend into cyberspace!

A VRChat world, the social multiplayer platform available on Steam, will be accessible for free from 12 September to 28 November.

A cyberpunk city that never sleeps, Oktopolis is full of secrets to discover. A cinema will enable the public to watch YouTube videos while an arcade game room will present the Indie Game Contest programme. And part of the VR programme can be found in this online space by accessing buildings dedicated to the works.

In partnership with VrrOOm.


Organised by the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival in partnership with the Shadok.

Venue: Le Shadok, 25 presqu’île Malraux. 67100. Strasbourg, France.

Dates: From 12th September to 28th November.

Opening hours : From Wednesday to Saturday, 2-6pm.

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