Synopsis du film

Don and Lina are the silent star couple in Hollywood. When the first film speaks, they have to adapt and shoot their first film of its kind. If Don gets the exercise, Lina’s voice threatens the duo. Kathy, a singer committed to the dubber quickly becomes an obstacle. A tribute to the history of cinema treated with humor and interpreted by virtuoso dancers.

Out of the evening Cinema Plein Air
  • 6:00pm at 9:30pm: Apreobic with DJSputnik, radio set with ReC, bowling, wooden games and tap-dancing by Yves Claquettes, short film
  • 10:00pm: Screening of the film À bord du Darjeeling Limited
  • 11:30pm: End and possibility to return with public transport


Country: USA

Year: 1952

Duration: 1hr 43

Version: VOST

Cast & Credits

Directors: Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly

Cast: Gene Kelly, Don Lockwood