Country : UK

Year : 2021

Run time : 1hr24

Version : in English, subtitled in French

Rating : +16

Director : Prano Bailey-Bond

Producer : Helen Jones

Scenario : Prano Bailey-Bond, Anthony Fletcher

Actors : Niam Algar, Nicholas Burns, Vincent Franklin

Sales : Protagonist Pictures

Distribution : Kinovista

Feature debut


1985, England. Enid is a zealous employee of a censorship board, determined to protect weak minds from shocking images. While watching a horror film, she thinks she recognises her sister, who has been missing for years, and tries to unravel the mystery surrounding this enigmatic movie.

Censor is a bloody love letter to the video nasties of the 1980s, those low-budget gore films that were deemed too extreme to be shown on the big screen, but were released on VHS before being banned. A skilful blend of realistic drama and British-style giallo, blurring the boundaries between fiction and reality