Exposition at the Musée alsacien Strasbourg from the 14th to the 26th september

17th september : Nocturne horrifique – Grüselnàcht


If the occult, the strange and gore are the prerogative of the festival, it’s rare to have a chill go down one’s spine in a museum. However, some stories that have been handed down for centuries in Alsace are as frightening as the screenplays by cinema’s masters of horror. In partnership with the Festival, the Alsatian Museum breathes new life into these fantasy tales by proposing a unique guided trip through the museum collections.
The highlight of this rendezvous will be on the night of 17 September, when the Alsatian Museum will send intrepid visitors on a journey into a Grüselnàcht, or night of horror, with a scary stroll through the rooms, a short lm E Elsassisches Axt-Màssàker (Alsatian Axe Massacre), and a theatre play that will delight those who love a shiver and a shudder. Nyctophobiacs beware!