Brian Yuzna

Brian Yuzna was born in the Philippines and raised in Central America, finally settling down and marrying in North Carolina. In 1984 he moved his family to Los Angeles to try his hand at moviemaking. Using his own and borrowed money he produced Re-Animator, a classic of the horror genre. His first directorial effort was Society in 1988. Although most of his producing and directing work has been in the horror genre, in 1987 Yuzna co-created and co-produced Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. He also ventured into producing Japanese manga adaptations with The Guyver andCryingFreeman. In 1999 the Yuzna family moved to Barcelona where Brian worked with Spanish distributor Filmax to create and supervise the horror film label Fantastic Factory, which has become one of the most important genre film production lines in Europe. Yuzna’s next project was Komodo Films based in Indonesia. Amphibious 3D has just completed post-production and is Komodo’s first English language production.