Country : Australia

Year : 2022

Running time : 1h41

Version : English, subtitled in French

Rating : +12

Director : Del Kathryn Barton

Producer : Samantha Jennings

Writers : Huna Anweero, Del Kathryn Barton

Actors : Simon Baker, Yael Stone, Josh Lawson


On her way home, pre-teen Blaze watches helplessly as a man violently assaults a stranger before her eyes. Traumatised and unable to process the event she has witnessed, she takes refuge in an imaginary dream world whose inhabitants include a dragon. Del Kathryn Barton is an Australian artist renowned for her psychedelic depictions of humans and animals. In her first feature film, she succeeds in visually portraying the resilience of the human spirit and the power of imagination to overcome trauma – in this case, that of a child faced with the horrors of the adult world. An impressive first work