Distribution: Sony Pictures Europe House

Jo (Annabeth Gish), wife and muse of best-selling novelist Mike Noonan (Pierce Brosnan) is suddenly killed in an accident. Grief-stricken, Mike returns to the couple’s lakeside retreat in Maine, a place she was renovating and where she spent much time without him. Ostensibly he goes there to recover, however, he also wants to try and elucidate certain puzzling aspects of his wife’s life that have cropped up since her death. Once in the Maine village, Mike becomes involved in a fierce child custody battle between Mattie (Melissa George) and her ex-father-in-law, an eccentric millionaire in a wheelchair, powerful and ruthless. Mike inexplicably receives mysterious vibrations in his cabin, has escalating nightmares until he realises that his wife, ever the muse, is guiding him to help Mattie.

Bag of Bones, adapted from the novel by Stephen King, was designed as a two-part TV mini-series. As haunting as The Stand, the story is true King. Things are never as simple as they seem for beneath the surface of one story lies another.


Country: USA

Year: 2012

Duration: 2hr 56

Version: English, with French subtitles

Rating: 12+

Cast & Credits

Director: Mick Garris

Producer: Mark Sennet, Stewart Mackinnon, Mick Garris

Screenplay: Matt Venne

Cinematography: Barry Donlevy

Editing: Andrew Cohen, Patrick McMahon

Music: Nicolas Pike

Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Melissa George, Annabeth Gish