Original title : After Blue (Paradis sale)

Country : France

Year : 2021

Run time : 2hr07

Version : in French, subtitled in English

Rating : +12

Director : Bertrand Mandico

Producer : Emmanuel Chaumet

Scenario : Bertrand Mandico

Actors : Paula Luna, Elina Löwensohn, Vimala Pons

Sales : Kinology

Distribution : UFO

Filmography : The Wild Boys (2017), Ultra Rêve (2018)

After Blue (Dirty Paradise)

In a far-off future, on a wild planet, Roxy, a lonely teenager, rescues a criminal buried in the sand. As soon as she is freed, she leaves a trail of death behind her. Roxy and her mother Zora are held responsible, driven out of their community and condemned to tracking down the murderer. They then roam through the supernatural lands of their “dirty paradise”.

With After Blue, the director of The Wild Boys treats us to a post-apocalyptic fable at the crossroads of science fiction, heroic fantasy and the cosmic western, which, through a visual and sensual feast, provides a vision of a feminine future.