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Distribution: Bodega Films

On the way back from his mother’s funeral ceremony special crimes detective Gun-su has an accident killing a man instantly. To cover his tracks he hides the body inside his mother s co n with her inside. A few days later the incident pops up on the police database and his partner is heading the case. Gun-su is increasingly under pressure as his partner slowly uncovers more details of the accident. Things get worse when a witness to the accident threatens Gun-su’s life. Once again the oreans show their talent for the high-voltage black-humour crime story recalling the ne balance between humour and tension found in Bong Joon Ho s Memories of Murders.

Sunday, September 24th, 10:15pm at the Star St-Ex

Wednesday, September 17th, 4:00pm at the Star St-Ex

Sunday, September 21st, 10:15pm at the Star St-Ex


Country: South Korea

Année: 2014

Duration: 1hr 51

Version: Korean, with French subtitles

Cast & Credits

Director: Seong-hun Kim

Producer: Dong-Yoon Lee

Screenplay: Seong-hun Kim

Cinematography: Tae-sung Kim

Editing: Chang-ju Kim

Music: Young-jin Mok

Cast: Sun-kyun Lee, Jin-woong Choi