Soi Cheang

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A failed feng shui master desperately tries to persuade a bloodthirsty delivery boy not to commit murder. The task is all the more difficult because the young man is obsessed with the macabre crimes of a devious psychopath, and the two are being watched by a particularly fanatical detective.
Mad Fate is the latest bombshell from producer Johnnie To (Election), screenwriter Yau Nai Hoi (Eye in the Sky) and director Soi Cheang (Limbo). It passes through the most iconic genres of Hong Kong’s golden age of cinema, from the noir thriller to nonsensical comedy, to fi nally unravel as a Cat. III possession fi lm.

Hong Kong — 2023 — 1h48 — In Cantonese, subtitled in English and French — +12

Directed : Soi Cheang
Actors: Lam Ka Tung, Yeung Lokman, Ng Berg