Reiki Tsuno

Design sans titre-76

Taka, a loser, leads a peaceful existence until the day his brother is kidnapped by the “mad cats”, a half-woman and half-feline mutant race determined to conquer the world. The young man teams up with a homeless individual and a female assassin to save his brother and, incidentally, the whole world.
For his first indie feature, the talented short-film director Reiki Tsuno wanted to make a film that was a far cry from the usual slow and sedate auteur feature. His gamble paid off in this uninhibited, joyously crazy romp, in which fat kittens, rather than be stroked, get their snouts blown off.

Japan — 2023 — 1h28 — In Japanese subtitled in Eng. and Fr. — +16

Director : Reiki Tsuno
Actors : Sho Mineo, Yuya Matsuura, Ayane