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2015 SEFFF

photo de 2015 IGC SELECTION

Indie Game Contest finalists

More than 160 submissions from 31 countries have made the 3rd Indie Game Contest the most successful yet. And true to form, developers the world over have submitted games with highly diverse content and game-play levels.

The games selected for the 2015 competition are listed below:


Apocalypse Cow

A parody on the video game industry, Apocalypse Cow is a platform action game that requires an understanding of the mechanisms of its world to fight countless enemies.

Greece – team: John Koumoundouros, game design, programming; Alex Maniotis, level design, animation – www.monstersarehere.com – PC 


Breeder: Homegrown

An old man escapes from the clinic where he has spent his life and returns home. He recalls his childhood, his toys and his monsters.

France – team: Gabriel Helfenstein, Tristan Neu – www.outlands-games.com – PC



Live the life of a Cibo. Retrieve bolts in a waste disposal factory and, if you do the job well, you might become employee of the year, or even the galaxy.

France – team: I am a Dog Studio – www.cibogame.com – PC/MAC



Désiré is an old-style point & click adventure game. The hero, an achromatic from birth, lets you into his black and white world. There may be colour at the end of the road ...

France – team: Sylvain Seccia, writing and design; Sébastien Vallart and Antoine Gouy, graphics; Maxime Morvan, animation – www.seccia.com – WINDOWS/OSX/LINUX/iOS/ANDROÏD


Dim Light

You control an extraterrestrial insectoid in a science-fiction world in which only emitting waves enable you to see the room and objects around you.

France – team: Julien Gissinger, Ainis Hattab, Quentin Guignard, Mickael Belleval, Frederic Alcide – www.itesciagames.wordpress.com/portfolio/dimlight – WINDOWS


Event [0]

In a retro-futuristic environment, you’re investigating an abandoned spaceship and you’re going to build a strange relationship with the artificial intelligence that controls it.

France – team: Fabian Bodet; Matthieu Bonneau; Leonard Carpentier – www.twitter.com/event0game – PC/MAC



Expand is a meditative video game that poses the challenge of a constantly twisting, stretching and expanding circular labyrinth.

Australia – team: Chris Johnson, Chris Larkin – www.cjohnson.id.au/ – WINDOWS/OSX/LINUX



Induction is an abstract puzzle game about time travel in which the future depends on the past and the past on the future.

UK – team: Bryan Gale – www.inductiongame.com – PC


At the centre of a cyberpunk universe, Interference lets players modify the architecture of its levels with a gameplay mechanic similar to Rubik’s Cube.

France – team: Anthony Beyer, graphics, code, gameplay; Jose Mora Jimenez, music; Ryan Ike, music – www.sinok426.com – WINDOWS/OSX/LINUX/PS4/PSVita

Keepers of Luxaera

Only a blue robot can move in a blue room and a red robot in a red room. Teleporters and switches are the tools of the shrewd detective you’ll be required to be.

France – team: Pascal Marechal, Jean Pierre Denegre, Ben Rawles – www.luxaera.com – PC/MAC/LINUX


Machine Gun Train Run

The criminal organisation ASSHAT robs trains and it’s time to put a stop to its activities. Take your gun and deliver justice in this hardcore new-school 2D shooter!

USA – team: Justin Trombley – www.partyrobotvidyagames.com – WINDOWS


Mushroom 11

Guide an amorphous organism and shape its cells to understand the true nature of the devastated and mysterious world it has come from.

USA – team: Itay Keren, Simon Kono, Kara Kono, Julia Keren-Detar –  www.untame.com – PC/MAC


My Name is Asterion

In an oppressive atmosphere, Asterion, better known as a Minotaur, is locked in a labyrinth and has to deliver prisoners while at the same time defying an entity called “the Judge”.

Brazil – team: Jose Rodolfo Freitas, direction, design and development; Julian Colbus, music and audio design; Rafael Chiamenti, 2D and 3D graphics – my-name-is-asterion.com – PC/MAC


Penguins of the North

With one controller, you control several penguins that all behave differently, and will have to keep most of them alive.

Egypt, China – team: Muhammad A. Moniem, Lamiaa Kholaif, Matt Razz, Tyler Long – www.wlowl.com – WINDOWS/MAC/LINUX/PSVita/XBOX1



Hack into electronic systems to steal diamonds without being discovered. Retool enables pure unadulterated action to eliminate all the guards in different ways.

Netherlands – team: Lovepreet Singh – www.hut90.com/retool – PC/MAC/LINUX


Thea: The Awakening

Nothing and no one is ready to banish the dark forces plaguing Thea. There are just a few survivors desperately trying to stay alive, and you’re their only real hope.

Poland – team: Muha Games – www.muhagames.com – PC



Combining fast and violent rhythm action, Thumper lets you control a space beetle whose screams confront an insane giant head from the future.

USA – team: Marc Flury, Brian Gibson – www.drool.ws – PC/PS4


Void & Meddler

Between pixel art and traditional 2D, Void & Meddler is made up of fragments and details, rainy nights and sparkling lights. An incisive, surrealistic and amoral cyberpunk universe.

France – team: Dorian SRed, game design, story, pixelart, unity user, music; Trevor Reveur, game design, story, music; Cera Kelly, character portrait – www.voidandmeddler.com – PC/MAC



From one frenzied level to the other, your task is to overcome all obstacles, beat monsters, resolve enigmas and more in order to save your world.

France – team: Jonathan Rodelet, Grégoire de Framond – www.thrillplay-studio.com – PC/WEB/MOBILE



Pure action in this 3D beat’em up set is a science-fiction world, with just one aim: to save the planet from a terrifying army of robots and alien creatures.

Italy – team: Rimlight Studios – www.rimlightstudios.com – PC/Xbox One


Zombie Night Terror

A lemming-like game teeming with hordes of zombies searching for fresh meat. The aim is to lead this brainless army to annihilate all humans!

France – team: Jérôme Levet, Hugo Blanc developers; Karl Lagadec, artistic director, graphic artist; Jonathan Lefaucheur, graphic artist –www.zombienightterror.com – PC/MAC

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