The Festival Commits to the Environment

Our commitment

Every year, in response to increasingly important environmental issues, Les Films du Spectre, the Festival’s associative organising body, implements measures to support the ecological transition. From daily efforts at its own premises to organising and running, individual events, it works hard to constantly improve the way it operates, with the aim of reducing its energy footprint.

Printing on paper carries both an ecological and financial cost so we have decided to limit the number of print runs of our communication media (catalogues, flyers, posters and so forth) and use recycled or eco-labelled paper together with vegetable-based inks wherever possible.

In order to reduce its carbon emissions, the association promotes the use of bicycles and public transport among its staff and festival-goers and limits the use of vehicles to the need to move heavy equipment (in partnership with Citiz Grand Est rental service).

In addition, we store our materials and equipment so as to be able reuse them from one year to the next, whether it be large domestic appliances, wooden games created and refurbished by our team, T-shirts, eco-friendly cups and much more besides.

For several years now, the Festival has partnered with Emmaus Ethiloc in Scherwiller. We hire equipment and furniture from them for use in the Festival’s village and give the public the opportunity to buy items at the end of the event, such as armchairs, lamps, decorative pieces and kitchen equipment. We also hire dry toilets for some of the open-air cinema screenings in summer.

We will be running creative workshops this year that focus on recycled items, such as an introduction to recycled paper headed up by the Atelier Bouillons, and a workshop to teach children to create characters out of scraps of fabric. This year, the Festival will also be partnering with the company Si Si La Paillette, a creator of biodegradable sequins.

Reducing waste is a major day-to-day objective, both during the Festival and at individual events. As plastic is particularly harmful to the environment, we endeavour to use as little as possible, supported by reusing eco-friendly cups and, biodegradable cups made from corn starch, cardboard packaging and boards or recyclable materials. We prefer to provide real crockery at the Festival village, which takes place over ten days.

Plastic bottles have been given the boot, and we encourage our staff and festival-goers to bring their own containers for liquids, such as glass bottles or thermoses. We also post signs every year emphasising the need to sort waste.

Since 2021, our refreshment stall in the Village has sold drinks in glass bottles only, which are less environmentally polluting.

In addition, our activities and events provide on-site catering and refreshments, using a maximum of local produce and vegetarian choices. Our food trucks are eco-friendly, with vegan options.

In 2022 and for the first time, the Festival has partnered with Jabu Jabu, a film production company in Strasbourg that also assists audio-visual events with ecological transition. There will be a carbon footprint assessment of the Festival and the village, which will enable us to improve our future consumption habits.