In this minimalist work in which each word and sound seems to count, a man with a machete in his hand walks about a devastated Earth under a glaring sun. In search of redemption, he meets a child, whom he tries to extract from the monstrous vampires that wander about in the night and abduct the planet’s last survivors.

For his first film, the Brazilian director Renné França managed with a very low budget by relying on evocative settings,his actors’ facial expressions and by filming abstract, fear-inducing shadows. In this post-apocalyptic context, he thus links up to the tradition of the great Expressionists. The result is a unique, cold and hypnotic work, which has already received awards at South American festivals.


Country: Brazil

Year: 2017

Runtime: 1hr14

Version: in Portuguese, subtitled in Eng. and Fr.

Rating: 12+

Cast & Credits

Director: Renné França

Producers: Silvia Amelia de Araujo, Renné França

Scenario: Renné França

Cinematographer: Carlos Cipriano

Editor: Guile Martins

Music: Sankirtana Dharma, Pedro Breno Gondin Machado

Actors: Pedro Otto, Maya Dos Anjos, Rafael Freire