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Jill is a deeply dissatisfied housewife. She feels trapped and lonely; her children are unruly; and her husband, a corporate executive on the way up, is a philanderer. Suicide is an option, but the dogs that howl outside her window at night offer a better solution. She transforms herself into a vicious dog, radically upsetting the family dynamics.

Bitch is not the first film to depict the disillusionment of a seemingly perfect life in an upscale American suburb. But the director Marianna Palka, who also stars in the film, has taken a highly imaginative and original approach to the subject. Disturbing, funny and satirical, Bitch is one step away from the fantastic.


Country: USA

Year: 2016

Runtime: 1hr33

Version: in English, subtitled in French

Rating: 12+

Cast & Credits

Director: Marianna Palka

Producers: Daniel Noah, Josh C . Waller, Elijah Wood

Scenario: Marianna Palka

Cinematographer: Armando Salas

Editor: Brett W . Bachman

Music: Morgan Z . Whirledge

Actors: Jason Ritter, Jaime King, Marianna Palka