Golden Méliès 2018 – CLIMAX

The Golden Méliès for the best European fantastic feature film was awarded to Gaspar Noé’s Climax.

And the 2018 winners are…

Here is the list of the 2018 winners of the Strasbourg European Film Festival.

The program of the Video Game and Virtual Reality section announced !

In partnership with the Shadok, the video games and virtual reality section is offering festival-goers the opportunity to celebrate the digital cultures!

2018 – Main retrospective

This year’s main retrospective, Chromosome XX, will shine a spotlight on women, grouping ten films that bear witness to the indelible mark that actresses and their richly constructed characters have left on the genre.

John Landis, Guest of Honour

This year we are especially pleased to welcome as our guest of honour, the American film director John Landis.

The Festival recruiting

The annual call for volunteer staff applications at the 11th Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival is now open.

The Festival launches VR Cinema in Strasbourg

The Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival, Seppia Interactive and the Shadok propose a plunge into a 360° world during six VR evenings.

The Christmas Heebie jeebies

Special Christmas Movie Night on 14 December.

Jupiter’s Moon in french cinemas

The lustrous Jupiter’s Moon (Jupiter Holdja), from Hungarian director Kornel Mundruczo, is now playing at the Star cinemas in Strasbourg.

William Friedkin Master Class

William Friedkin, the genius game changer who brought us The Exorcist and Sorcerer, gave a master class at the 10th anniversary edition of the Festival in September.

2017 Méliès d’Or – THELMA

The Golden Méliès for the best European fantastic feature film was awarded to Joachim Trier’s Thelma.