Announced as a romantic, bloody-punk comedy, 68 Kill deals with the unbridled criminal career of an unbalanced couple. Chip, fascinated and bewitched by his stripper girlfriend – genre-trash muse AnnaLynne McCord – follows her down the path of criminal excess, against his better judgement.

Directed by a debut filmmaker who cut his teeth at Troma Entertainment and is therefore a master of the blood-spilling orgy, 68 Kill proves to be a tasty blend of genres, a wild and cynical odyssey in the realm of guns and femmes fatales. In one sense, Trent Haaga delivers his own extreme vision of a couple that are “natural born killers”.


Country: USA

Year: 2017

Runtime: 1hr32

Language: in English, subtitled in French

Rating: 16+

Cast & Credits

Director: Trent Haaga

Producers: Travis Stevens, Bob Portal, David Lawson

Scenario: Trent Haaga

Cinematographer: Needham Smith III

Editor: Brody Gusar

Music: Frank Ilfman, James Griffith

Actors: Matthew Gray Gubler, AnnaLynne McCord, Alisha Boe